AEM Educates and Adds Value to Your Company

When we see an opportunity to improve a part for a client, we're not shy about offering our suggestions. It’s this type of engagement that not only grows our business, but also adds value to yours.

A start-up company that designs and manufactures trailers is still growing its staff, so they jobbed out some of their fabrication needs to multiple vendors - AEM and one of our competitors.

The competitor made the part exactly as the CAD drawing specifies. But our team at American Engineering & Metalworking took a look at the renderings and was concerned that the resulting part would cause some problems.

We proposed some changes to the part, and offered a sampling and review process to the customer. We fabricated a single piece, following our revised design, and tested it for form and function. With the client satisfied and impressed, we then made 500 more of them.

But why only offer a trout, when you can teach someone to fish? AEM then held one of our Lunch & Learn sessions with the engineers from the trailer company. We educated them about how to make their design leaner and more efficient to produce. We filled them in on best DFM (Design For Manufacturing) and DFMA (Design For Manufacturing and Assembly) practices, and specifically how they relate to AEM's equipment, process, and materials. For example, if the part was designed slightly shorter, we could fit more parts on a metal sheet, saving the client money and materials. The engineers also toured our facility and saw their parts being made, gaining insight into the implications of their designs and how they can make stronger CAD drawings. Following their visit, we went onsite to their facility and suggested some helpful changes to the parts that we produce that improved the assembly process and the fit up of the competitor’s parts. We also modified our packaging process to better serve the client; we saw that we were not stacking parts in a way that was efficient for them so we began repackaging to save time on future shipments.

It’s this type of engagement that has earned AEM trust and dedication from our clients. We’re not only out to grow our business, but also to add value to yours.

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