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Our comprehensive capabilities reduce lead times and simplify supply chains, saving time, money, manpower, and headaches.

An industrial product supplier was fabricating its product family inhouse, but as the demand for the products grew, the company’s ability to produce them was quickly exceeded.

They called on American Engineering & Metalworking to supplement their welding efforts. We used our robotic welding technology to put together the component parts they gave us, thereby increasing productivity and capacity.

Impressed with our work, the client then asked us to tackle the stamping on one of these metal components. Eventually, they wondered if we could do some machining of a piece. And finally, since we were doing so much already, could we powder coat the finished assembly and put a label on it? Over the course of a year, AEM took on more and more of the manufacturing until the company shut down its internal manufacturing, sold us its equipment, and offered us the chance to manufacture the entire product line.

Where four different suppliers were once needed, the client now only has to deal with one. Lead time for product completion has been vastly reduced. And AEM has become the “one stop shop,” saving time, money, manpower, and headaches.

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