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One of our successful partnerships spans ten years, over 25,000 unique parts, hundreds of thousands of pieces, and over 14,000 elevators.

American Engineering & Metalworking has been partnering with an elevator manufacturer for almost a decade. From their designs, we craft 25,000 unique custom parts; in ten years, that has amounted to hundreds of thousands of pieces for over 14,000 different elevators. You could say that we’re heavily invested in their success.

Because new jobs often arise quickly, AEM manufactures the unique parts for a specific elevator in JIT fashion, a compressed manufacturing cycle with as little as 24 hours notice. We then pack and ship the custom parts to the customer's assembly operation on a daily basis.

The client’s timeline is so tight that they’ll often schedule a truck to pick up and deliver the elevator on the same day that they’re assembling it. Moreover, that truck will regularly be delivering multiple elevators, so one delayed elevator could mess up the delivery of several others. The margin for error is almost non-existent. We constantly communicate with the customer on their shipping schedule, their customers' needs and their internal assembly process.

For that reason, AEM has proven to be the perfect partner. Our commitment to build quality parts, deliver them quickly, and respond well in tight situations confirms our spoken desire to help the client’s business thrive.

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