AEM does it all: TIG, MIG, spot, pulse, and robotic welding.

At American Engineering & Metalworking, we’re proud to offer a full range of welding options to our clients. Beyond the craftsmanship of hand welders who can skillfully tackle even the trickiest welds, AEM also makes use of:

  • Pulsed MIG manual and robotic processes
  • Spot, single-head, and multi-head welding
  • Tig welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and exotic materials

AEM’s robotic welding systems offer higher productivity than hand welding. A single programmer can achieve the work of 3 welders, over several robots and shifts. Plus, robots can load and unload parts simultaneously as they weld other parts. Coupled with lean welding techniques, this allows AEM to offer increased output at potentially lower costs. Moreover, robotic welding also allows for a higher degree of precision and accuracy.

In addition to our robust welding capabilities, AEM also performs several services to finish your welded pieces.

  • We can design and build welding fixtures in house. (PIC)
  • We offer polishing and graining of finished welds. (PIC)
  • We can finish machine the weldments we’ve created. (PIC)

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  • Dual station 48” x 96” x 48” work envelope
  • Lincoln power wave and OTC pulsed inverter weld gear
  • Inhouse fixture design and construction
  • 22 gauge – ¾” thick capability
  • STT sheet metal welding capability for sheet metal

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