Powder Coating

Let AEM add a little color to your life.

From the smallest pieces and short runs, to the biggest parts and higher volumes, AEM’s powder coating system is ready to meet your needs. Based in a climate controlled room, our Nordson coating system can handle anything we feed it, and quickly complete the task with the quality and service you’ve come to expect from American Engineering & Metalworking.

Our Nordson powder booth features 12 automatic guns, plus 2 manual stations, and possesses quick color change capabilities.

As part of the powder coating process, AEM can design and build custom racks to hold your unique parts. These racks allow for more dense packing, saving space at both our and clients’ facilities. Once the parts are delivered, the racks can be returned and re-used, cutting down on costs. The careful design keeps the parts safe and free from damage.

We purchase powder materials from all the major suppliers you might specify in your designs; we can get them and we will stock them. We can also custom match colors, textures, and glosses with a quick turnaround.

When new customers begin a partnership with AEM, they often complain of packaging and delivery issues with their former suppliers, our competitors. Thankfully, this is an area in which AEM excels: we take the utmost care in quality packaging powder-coated parts so that they arrive safe and damage-free.

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  • 5-stage heated pretreat system
  • Convection cure & dryoff ovens
  • Handles parts up to 96” x 36” x 120”
  • 660’ conveyor style line

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