Laser Cutting

Precision is the name of the game at AEM, on material up to 84″ x 163″.

American Engineering & Metalworking’s Fiber and CO2 high-powered lasers cut steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, bronze, brass,and copper to precise tolerances. These high speed lasers feature dual pallet loading and can handle material up to 84” x 163”.

We specialize in cutting thick materials and exotic metals, aesthetic finishes, and close tolerance gear, clutch, and brake parts. We cut difficult parts that others just can’t handle.

We utilize automated lasers, with auto loading and unloading capabilities, and can run high volume applications and parts 24/7 unattended through the night, meaning more production and a quicker turnaround for our clients.

We make use of water-assist technology, which allows us to cut tighter geometry on thicker plates, a service you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. We regularly cut 1″ thick material in production, and don’t shy away from the challenge.

Do you powder coat your product? Consider our nitrogen clean cutting, and eliminate the expense and hassle of cleaning your product prior to coating. We offer this as a standard service on all materials 1/4″ and thinner, and as an option on thicker materials.

From a one piece prototype to full production runs, we are equipped to efficiently handle all of your precision cutting needs. Give us a call to learn more about our capabilities or to discuss a particular application, or better yet:

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