Deburring & Edge Rounding

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Laser-cut parts have a barely visible sharp edge that previously had to be painstakingly removed by hand, but thanks to advancing technology, American Engineering & Metalworking can now easily create a smooth edge that you have to feel to believe.

Our NS Maquinas DM1100ZCK deburring machine features unique abrasive cross belts that run 45° to the feed belt, as well as a traditional wide belt sanding head to grind slags and a Scotch-Brite polishing roll to polish the material. These three stages of the machine can be used together in one pass or independently, based on part needs. The machine creates a strong rounding action at the edges and contours of a part, while only very gently touching the part’s surface. This process is ideal for rounding the inside edges, outside edges, and contours of stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium parts previously cut by laser, punching, or shearing.

AEM also has various hand sanding and polishing equipment to prepare laser-cut parts to your needs. A large vibratory deburring machine can service small or challenging parts.

This automated deburring process is not only faster; it also provides quality and consistency that is second to none. And allows you to run larger jobs at a lower cost. Contact us today to run a free sample, or better yet:

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  • Parts up to 41.5” wide x unlimited length
  • Parts as small as 2” square
  • Stamped, lasercut, or punched parts from another facility: bring them here and we’ll round them for you.

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